Bad Credit Mortgages

When it comes to Bad Credit Mortgages, some lenders have a strict criteria that you have to fit into whilst others will look at your case on an individual basis. We will be able to advise you specifically on this once we understand your current circumstances.

Information about bad credit mortgages

If you are struggling to get a mortgage due to a poor credit rating, late payment history or county court judgments (CCJ's) in your name then a special mortgage called a sub-prime mortgage could be the solution for you.

These types of mortgages can also be referred to as:

  • Bad Credit Mortgages
  • Non Status Mortgages
  • Sub-Prime Mortgages
  • Adverse Credit Mortgages
  • Credit Repair Mortgages
  • Non Conforming Mortgages

Our expert team have up-to-date knowledge on whole-of-market mortgage deals as well as offers from specialist mortgage brokers. We are perfectly placed specialist mortgage advisors and are on hand to ensure we assist you to get the very best product available and we’re confident we can help you too get a mortgage regardless of your financial history.

A missed payment for a small amount is not as serious as a county court judgement for a high amount, and that may not be as bad in the eyes of a new lender as a bankruptcy or repossession. It is up to your Specialist Mortgage Adviser to get you the mortgage and best terms possible for your circumstances.

Additionally the amount you wish to borrow and the deposit you have or equity has a bearing. Your new lender may not be a high risk lender and the higher the deposit the better terms you may get.

Other Factors To Consider

A good, steady level of income and a large deposit can make you look more attractive to a lender but other factors such as age, assets and type of application also have a bearing on the outcome of your application.

Whatever your circumstances are please give us a call or fill out our enquiry form and we will be able to discuss your circumstances in more detail with you and do a quick assessment on your situation.

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