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We are experienced specialists in finding the best financing solution for you and your business. UK Home Mortgages has access to a wide range of personal and business finance products which are not always available from your high street bank or current lender. As an independent broker, we are able to secure the most suitable deal for you if you need finance or mortgages.

A first time buyers mortgage is a mortgage for people buying their first home with the help of a mortgage. Buying your first home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make and it is one that you need to get right.

We will be able to advise whether you can get a mortgage based on your income, the deposit you have available, your financial commitments and credit worthiness. If a mortgage is not deemed affordable then your adviser can help with information on the various schemes available as well as options for using a guarantor or additional people on the mortgage.

Historically, lenders would use income multiples minus any financial commitments to assess affordability. Now lenders use their own affordability calculators and the difference between one lender and another can vary significantly on what they will lend you.

First time buyers are very important to the mortgage market which is why there is so much help out there to assist people. We will be able to talk to you about the fees you need to pay such as valuation fees, arrangement fees, broker fees and stamp duty. The type of rates available ad whether they are fixed or variable. The types of repayment method available but most likely a repayment mortgage will be advised in most case due to market conditions.

Shared Ownership is a scheme provided by Housing Associations to allow council or housing association tenants the chance to buy a share in a property.

You can buy a share from 25% to 75% of the property value. You will have to take out a mortgage on your share and pay rent to the housing association for the rest.

You have to be a council tenant, a first time buyer and your household income cannot exceed a certain amount to qualify for this type of mortgage and once you have paid off your mortgage you can apply to buy the remaining shares from the Housing Association at market value which is called staircasing.

Our Mortgage Advisers have many years experience in sourcing and providing mortgages for shared ownership schemes so contact us today to get started.

UK Home Mortgages has works along side a range of specialist lending partners and we use our vast experience to facilitate the most suitable mortgage available via the high street and specialist lenders for buy to let purposes.
  • Typically we can achieve up to 85% LTV
  • Lending amounts start from £25k, up to £50m
  • Rates are from 1.99%, for up to 30 years.

We have a range of clients who have have substantial property portfolios through to clients who have just started on their property portfolio journey. We also assist clients in ensuring their investments are funded in the most tax efficient manner. We also have options for non-standard situations such as properties owned by offshore companies, HMO’s, “accidental” landlords, developers refinancing new-build property stock as well as many other types of situations.

Would you like to buy your council house or flat with a right to buy mortgage?

This can be a very good opportunity for you where you will be getting some acknowledgement for all those years you have been paying rent by purchasing at a discounted price from the council.

The discount now available to Council Tenants has been increased to £75,000 as of April 2012 which helps tenants get their feet on the property ladder. UK Home Mortgages can lend you up to 100% of the purchase price and with the consent of the Local Authority you can borrow additional funds for home improvements at normally a very competitive interest rate due to the lower loan to value that the discounted price will give you.

If you are looking for a Right To Buy mortgage then contact us today to arrange an appointment so that our experienced advisors can inform you of the variety of options available to you.

This type of mortgage is for owner-occupiers or landlords and commercial mortgages can be raised against offices, warehouses, retail units, gardening centres, working farms, Bed and Breakfasts as well as pubs, restaurants and takeaways as well as many other types of properties.

Commercial mortgages can also be used for the purchase or refinance of residential properties that are intended to be used commercially, such as a block of flats or apartments to be rented out.

Our commercial mortgage options offer competitive interest rates on long term loans from £50k up to £250m which can be raised on up to 75% of the value of the property. The investment value of a commercial property can be influenced by the tenant. Naturally a “blue chip” tenant on a long lease will enhance the bricks and mortar value of such a property and can attract more finance options.

Short-term finance secured against a property or “bridging” finance is used by property investors and developers as well as business owners for a variety of different reasons.

Bridging lenders will lend in situations where many other lenders will not and we can provide loans in a much shorter timeframe if a quick completion on a property is required. Acceptable security against the bridging loan includes residential and commercial property of any type and in any condition, and land with or without planning consent.

Short-term facilities can be used for between one day or up to 18 months, and in some cases we can consider a longer term. In most cases a provision for interest is deducted from the gross loan amount on completion of the bridging loan, but some lenders allow interest roll-up if interest cannot be serviced.

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Where other brokers may not have been able to help, in most cases we can, so why not get in touch today to find out how we could help you.

We are experienced and accredited mortgage specialists who are here to help our clients in a variety of situations including those who are self employed, have had a Bad Credit history as well as many other financial situations. We make it our business to form relationships with lenders who base their decision to lend on a manual underwriting decision, and not on how many points you have scored, or our Specialist Lenders whose underwriting guide will accept various levels of credit.